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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sponsor Corner?

Blue Vault is proud to share valuable educational content in collaboration with Sponsors in the alternative investment industry.

What is Sponsor Focus?

Learn more about Sponsors with products sold in the Independent Broker Dealer channel. We cover everything from contact info, recent news, products sponsored, management team, and AUM.

What are Insights?

Insights offer in-depth educational content about the alternative investment industry to our nontraded REIT paid subscribers. Some topics include:

  • The Use of Debt in Nontraded REITs
  • Are REITs Like Bonds: Why or Why Not?
  • Capitalization Rates Recapped in Today‚Äôs Market Environment
  • Interval Funds and Nontraded Closed-End Funds: Defined and Demystified
  • Economies of Scale in Nontraded REIT Offerings and Effects of Fee Discounts
  • Nontraded REIT Share Online Auctions - Update on July 2016 Article
  • Doing Your Due Diligence

What is Industry Intel?

Stay informed about the current events in the Alternative Investment Industry. Industry Intel provides in depth articles covering hot topics.

What is the Sales Stack?

Each month Blue Vault posts equity raised by the alternative investment industry broken down by investment type. The Equity Raise numbers are posted on, or around, the 10th of each month. Once posted to the Sales Stack page on the Blue Vault Website, Blue Vault will provides commentary on the results in the form of a news article that is sent via email and the total amount raised is included in various email communications throughout the month.

What is the Alternative Angle?

Brief research documents covering a variety of topics that Blue Vault provides reports on.